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Google Has Revealed What Ontarians Are Searching The Most About The Upcoming Election

Lots of strange searches.

If you didn’t already know the Ontario elections is coming up, and citizens of the province will be voting for the next Premier of Ontario in less than a week... well now you do. 

And it seems that Ontarians have had quite a lot of questions on a whole range of topics surrounding the election, and the leaders of each party. 

So, they’ve been doing what everyone else does when they have a question, they Google it.  

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Google tracked what sorts for things people were asking for information on about the election for a 48-hour period and has released the most commonly searched items. 

A lot of them don’t really seem to have much to do with election issues though. 

For NDP leader Andera Horwarth, for example, the most searched thing is about who her son is.  

Andrea's top searches are:

  1. Andrea Horwath son
  2. Andrea Horwath platform
  3. Is Andrea Horwath married
  4. Andrea Horwath bio
  5. Andrea Horwath husband
  6. How old is Andrea Horwath
  7. Andrea Horwath Twitter
  8. Andrea Horwath family
  9. Andrea Horwath contact
  10. Andrea Horwath NDP

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That doesn’t mean that they’re all not entirely related to the election though, for PC party leader Doug Ford the most commonly searched thing is about his platform. 

Doug's top 10 searches include: 

  1. Doug Ford platform
  2. Doug Ford buck a beer
  3. Doug Ford news
  4. Doug Ford website
  5. Doug Ford Twitter
  6. Doug Ford polls
  7. Doug Ford education
  8. Doug Ford beer
  9. Doug Ford net worth
  10. Doug Ford abortion

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s most searched thing by Ontarians on Google is also about her platform.  

Kathleen Wynne's top 10 searches are: 

  1. Kathleen Wynne platform
  2. Kathleen Wynne wife
  3. How old is Kathleen Wynne
  4. Kathleen Wynne sorry not sorry
  5. Kathleen Wynne salary
  6. Kathleen Wynne age
  7. Kathleen Wynne riding
  8. Kathleen Wynne Twitter
  9. Kathleen Wynne net worth
  10. How old is Kathleen Wynne’s wife

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People also seem to want to know exactly how old Wynne is too, she’s 65 if you were wondering.  

And this being Canada people also really want to know what exactly Doug Ford’s buck a beer proposal is.  

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So that’s the way Ontarians think. 

We want to know the exact age of our leaders, who their children are, do they have a platform and is it really possible that we could get beer for a buck. 

The actual election date is June 7. 

Source: CityNews

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