Anxiety, depression and anxiety-related disorders have been on the rise for years in North America, and most alarmingly is the increased percentage of youth and children affected by mental illness and disorders in recent years. 

A new survey commission by Children's Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) has helped quantify just how many young people are affected by anxiety in the province. 

And the findings are alarming and worrisome. According to the CMHO report released today, nearly half of Ontario's youth aged 18 to 34 have been so deeply affected by anxiety that they have missed school because of it. 

On top of this huge discovery, the study, which surveyed 806 people in October, also found that 40% of people surveyed had sought mental help, and of this 40%, 50% found the experience of getting help challenging. Finally, the study also found that 42% of people surveyed did not get the help they needed or are still waiting for assistance. 

The study also discovered that nearly 25% of parents of children with anxiety have missed work to care for their children, demonstrating just how far-reaching the issues are. 

Based on the alarming numbers found through this study, CMHO is asking the Ontario government to invest $125 million in community-based mental health centres, staffing and services to address anxiety and mental health issues in children and youth.

Source: The Star 

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