These past few months the moon has been up to some weird shit. First we've had red moons, blue moons, supermoons, and lets not forget the solar eclipse that happened not to long ago. It's all been very exciting. 

However or those of us in North America, the excitement doesn't stop there. We will be getting treated to a celestial trifecta of sorts with a super blood moon all happening on the same morning.  A supermoon is when the appears to be larger than normal (since it's so close to earth at the moment). The blue moon means that we've had two full moons in one calendar month. And a lunar eclipses happens when the moon passes into Earth's shadow. All of which are happening simultaneously this week. 

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For us in Canada, the eclipse will be visible before sunrise on Wednesday, according to the U.S. space agency says.

For those living in Toronto, you will be able to see a partial eclipse, starting at 5:51 AM and ending at 7:51 AM.

In Victoria, the total lunar eclipse starts at 2:51 AM and ends at 7:50AM. The eclipse will be at its peak at 5:29 AM.

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This will undoubtedly be the most magical astrological moment of the year so figure out a way to drag yourself out of bed at 5:50AM on Wednesday to capture the moment. Your IG feed will thank you. 

Source: Canoe

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