If you live in Southern Ontario today, and specifically in Toronto like me, you awoke to a dark sky and wondering if we had turned up in the apocalypse. The weather this morning was seriously grim and stayed that way basically all day. 

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Yesterday we reported that tornado warnings were issued across the province as a storm was moving into the southern part of the province. The storm today showed no remorse when it came to serious winds and rain. 

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Earlier this month the streets of Toronto were flooded after a massive torrential downpour. So much so that beaches had to be shut down due to high levels of E. coli after the flooding. 

That flooding scare had Torontonians ready for anything today when the rain started to pour. Luckily for us, many people took photos and videos of the rainfall that show just how epic today's showers were. Here are 15 pictures and videos you need to see from the storm that washed over Toronto today.

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