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Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Multiple Shootings That Went Down In Toronto This Week

Be safe out there.

This week has been a particularly tragic one when it comes to crime in Toronto. Each morning we have been waking up to another shooting and it's starting to worry everyone. 

The GTA is home to over 5 million people so crime is expected to happen. Though it is expected, this past week gun violence has been happening around the city at an alarming rate. 

Starting on Sunday, the police were notified of four separate shootings. One shooting occurred near Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute and resulted in the death of 21-year-old Venojan Suthesan. 

Monday night there was another shooting where 37-year-old Matthew Staikos was killed. He was a CEO of a tech startup called Vleepo and was, at the time, identified as the sixth person killed in a period of eight days. 

On Wednesday night another shooting in Yonge and Dundas square caused the death of another man who had no vital signs upon arrival to the scene. The shot rang out while Ginella Massa was on air and could be heard very clearly on the CityNews eleven o'clock coverage. Three suspects were seen fleeing the area after the shots rang out. 

The mayor of Toronto, John Tory, said that the gun violence is shocking and in no way can be brushed aside. He has already spoken to Toronto Police Cheif Mark Saunders about the crimes and was assured that police enforcement is doing everything that they can. 

Because of the recent spike in shootings this past month many online have started comparing it to the "summer of the gun" in 2005. Data shows that there have been 162 shootings so far this year but it does display that the number of shootings is on the rise year after year. 

Source: BT Toronto

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