If you live in the GTA the York Region Transit (YRT) system may be a big part of your daily life. The YRT connects Toronto to places further north including Markham, Vaughan, and all the way up to Keswick. 

As of this weekend, it's going to be more expensive to ride, but the price changes are a bit confusing. 

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According to YRT as of July 1, 2018 there will be increases to the cost for Presto users and monthly passes but cash fares are remaining the same. 

Presto users will see an increase of about 12 cents from $3.63 to $3.75, and monthly passes are going to be increased by around $5. None the less the Presto fare is still cheaper than cash fare which is currently $4. 


While it seems cash fare got off easy in this round of increases, they will be going up by a lot in the next round of fare increases, which YRT has already announced for July 1, 2019. 

The presto and monthly passes will increase at the same rate they are this year, but the cash fares will go up by a significant 25 cents to $4.25 for basic fare next year. 

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The increases are all part of a three-year transit fare plan that was agreed upon in 2016 by the York Region Council. 

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