If you're an iPhone user and have recently updated to IOS 10, you've probably noticed a few significant changes.  Some of these include updated emojis, a new texting layout, finally being able to delete "Itunes U" and other pointless apps, and last but not least, the new lock screen.

The new lock screen is the latest first world problem to hit our generation, but I would definitely be lying if I told you that I wasn't super annoyed every time I had to click to unlock my phone after already scanning my fingerprint.

Luckily Apple doesn't actually hate us, and there is a super quick fix for this annoying new edition.   First, you'll need to head to your settings.  Once you have clicked into your settings, scroll down to the accessibility menu.  Once you're in the accessibility menu you'll see another option that says "home button", click that.  After you click home button you'll see an option to enable "rest finger to open".  Once you enable that (make sure it's green)  you're good to go.

You can thank me later :)! 

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