We reported a while back that Drake was opening up a brand new restaurant on Yonge St in Toronto. 33 Yonge Street to be exact. Back in August, we knew few details: 1. It's called PICK6 and 2. it's most likely a sports bar, since "pick 6" is a common phrased used in football. 

via @uberdonjon

Since the announcement of the new OVO affiliated spot, we've learned a couple things. The former executive chef of the exclusive Shore Club, Angel Aaron Sevilla, posted a wanted ad in a Toronto chef Facebook group (which has since been deleted) looking for sushi chefs to join his team at PICK6. 

via @chubbsview

One of Drake's close personal friends AKA Chubbs shared this to his Instagram followers a short while ago looking for potential chefs, servers, busers, hostesses etc. to staff the new Toronto hotspot. So if you or a friend is looking for a job in the service industry, you might consider PICK6 if seeing Drake on the regular sounds like a perk. 

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