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Here's When The TTC Will Stop Accepting Tickets And Tokens

The TTC is expecting further delays.

The phaseout of tickets and tokens is one that Torontonians have been waiting for since it first came up for discussion in 2015. The TTC promised riders that in 2017 the usage would stop and riders would no longer have to keep ridiculously small coins or flimsy tickets in their wallets. 

Obviously, we know that these payment systems are still in effect today. The TTC also just announced that the Presto conversion that they have been planning for the past three years will be put on hold until the end of 2019. 

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The original plan was that Presto would take over mid-2017, which was later pushed back until May 2018. Seeing as it's already June, the newest deadline pushback is not at all surprising but somewhat annoying for those who have been ready to convert to Presto use.

City Councillor and TTC Board Member, John Campbell, said the latest news was very disappointing. He said that there is a financial burden currently on the TTC because they have to essentially pay for two fare systems to be used. 

What Campbell means is making tokens, tickets, and metropasses is an expense for the TTC but Presto has already been put in place on buses, streetcars, and subway stations. Yet, according to Campbell, this is a "totally inefficient" use of the TTC's time and they're waiting on Presto before ridding themselves of other forms of payment. 

Implementing single-use Presto cards is what has caused the holdup but is quite necessary for those who only occasionally use transit. This is a key part of their rollout plan for Presto and is clearly necessary for those who are not going to invest $6 in a permanent card. 

Though Presto cards make it easier for commuters using multiple transportation routes (like GO and YRT), it's safe to say the rollout has not been very smooth. Five years in the making seems about four years too many. 

Source: Toronto Star 

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