If the name Bruce McArthur sounds vaguely familiar to you, odds are it is because the 66-year-old Toronto landscaper has made headlines for the Gay Village killings that have taken place between 2010-2017. McArthur is being charged with eight counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of men from around the Greater Toronto Area. Now it seems as though police officers are investigating if that total needs to be moved up to 9. 

Just this Thursday morning Det.-Sgt. Hank Idsinga met with Toronto media to discuss the new human remains that have been found near the Leaside home linked to the alleged serial killer.

In a press conference held at the location of where the human remains were found, Det.-Sgt. Idsinga revealed that canine units have identified several locations near the Mallory Crescent which are now being searched and excavated. 

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While Det.-Sgt. Idsinga didn't reveal too much, what he did say was that Mallory Crescent is the last location left to search in relation to the Bruce McArthur investigation. 

Toronto Police Service started excavating yesterday and in the afternoon, human remains were located in one of the first dig sites being worked on. The remains have been sent to forensic pathology services for investigation 

The dig will continue for another week at the very least according to Det.-Sgt. Idsinga and it could take days, weeks or months to identify the remains. 

Via citynewstoronto

At this time information on the decomposition of the remains is being withheld, and there is no clear information if it is full remains from one person, partial remains from multiple people, or additional remains from the 8 victims that have already been identified. 

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