Idris Elba Gives Toronto The Most Epic Shout Out At TIFF

Major heart eyes for Idris.

The one and only Idris Elba was in Toronto for TIFF this week for the premiere of his new film The Mountain Between Us - a powerful drama about a surgeon (Idris Elba) and a journalist (Kate Winslet) must rely on each other for survival when the small plane they share crashes in the wilderness.  

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And as you would expect, he was incredibly suave on the red carpet alongside his co-star Kate Winslet.  But following the premiere, it wasn't just the incredible film that caught the media's attention, it was Elba's love of Toronto. 

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Once the film ended and the stars headed on stage for the Q&A portion of the premiere, Elba explained that he had just recently realized what TIFF stood for.

“Toronto is fucking fantastic,” Elba said, grinning. The crowd going crazy for his kind words.

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