Since York Regional Police have started to publicly post the names and offences of impaired drivers throughout the province, the amount of Ontario drivers that have been falling asleep behind the wheel is alarming. Sadly, this week is no different. Last Tuesday, an impaired Ontario driver was charged after crashing into another car before falling asleep behind the wheel at a gas station

In a new release from the York Regional Police, it states that police were called to a gas station in Markam just after 10 PM on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, after reports of a car collision had occurred in a nearby parking lot.

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When police arrived on the scene, they discovered that one of the drivers that had been involved in the accident was now parked beside a gas pump and asleep behind the wheel of their car.

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York Regional Police state that when they approached the driver, the car smelled of alcohol. Police, Markham Fire, and York Paramedic Services all attempted to wake the driver. 

Police have not confirmed the identity of the driver, but did refer to the suspect as "her" in the tweet shown above. The driver was eventually awoken and was checked medically by the paramedics who were on scene. Afterwards, the driver was removed from the vehicle and was placed under arrest and charged with impaired driving. 

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The video that was posted by York Regional Police showcases a single police officer approaching the vehicle that is stopped outside the gas station pump. He then opens the door and attempts to awake the driver. 

Eventually, two Markham Firefighters also approach the vehicle in attempts to help the officer awake the driver. 

Ontario drivers who are charged with impaired driving often face a variety of consequences such as the automatic suspensions of a driver's license, vehicle impoundment, large fines and even jail time. 

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 York Regional Police stated that this Ontario driver was only one of the twenty-one drivers that were charged with impaired-related driving charges this past week. 

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