At 12 PM yesterday, a squad of about thirty Toronto police officers busted into Pacific Mall outside of Toronto and seized thousands of counterfeit items, from clothes to iPhone accessories. Pacific Mall is one of the largest Asian shopping centres in Canada, with over 500 stores and 100 market vendors. 

The raid was part of a months-long investigation into the counterfeit merchandise scene at Pacific Mall, after the U.S. Office of the Trade Representative included the mall on a list of "notorious markets" for counterfeit goods.

Retailers of counterfeit items may be subject to criminal charges in Canada, punishable by $1 million in fines or five years in prison.

Photos and videos of the raid show cops shutting down stores with caution tape, searching racks of clothing, and walking out with boxes and boxes of items.

Here are some of the most intense moments from yesterday's raid, captured by witnesses and media at the scene. 

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