Starting this summer in Toronto, fans of surfing the web and having good old fashioned fun online will be able to do so at lightning fast speeds. Bell Canada announced a new $1.4 billion infrastructure project that will offer its customers internet service twenty times faster than anything else available in Canada.

Bell's current fastest internet service, Fibe, tops out at 50 Megabits per second. Under the company's upcoming Gigabit Fibe service those numbers will jump up to a whopping 940 Megabits per second, and that's just the beginning, as those numbers will continue to grow as modem technology continues to improve. To put it into perspective, Bell predicts users will be able to download full HD quality movies in only seven seconds.

Initially, the new product will only be available in four Toronto neighbourhoods with higher amounts put into place in new buildings - the Distillery District, Harbourfront, Willowdale and Regent Park. Bell does however plan to expand the service to around 1.1 million homes in Toronto by 2017, and eventually into other cities in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada as well.

But don't get too excited though, because Bell also hasn't announced yet how much this new high speed internet service will actually cost you. So for now, you might still be stuck stealing internet from your neighbours.


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