Photo cred - Fox Business

In the past, getting onto American Netflix used to be a walk in the park. Get a fake VPN, log back in, and there you go: access to all the juicy content we just don't get to watch in Canada. But it looks like those days are over. A major industry group has been lobbying Netflix in the US to get them to tighten up their service, so outsiders can't get to it.

Although Netflix hasn't confirmed that it's begun doing anything of the sort, users in different parts of the world have been experiencing difficulty getting onto American Netflix. According to TorrentFreak, these blocks aren't aggressive yet, but could just be Netflix testing out some new IP blocking methods in localized areas.

This means that even if you're still watching 30 Rock on Netflix right now, at any point in the near future, that access could disappear, and never come back. Brace yourselves.


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