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Japan's Version Of Dollarama Just Opened In Ontario And You Won't Be Able To Resist Their Products

Ontarians can't get enough of the new location already!

Considering the ever-rising prices in shopping malls, anytime Canadians can find a new wallet-friendly place to shop, it's a pretty big deal. Though, this new location in specific that has arrived in Ontario is especially exciting considering it's part of a well known and loved Japanese chain already. 

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Named "Oomomo," the store sells everything from beauty, cooking and arts and crafts. They have an incredible roster of products including Japenese products you can't find anywhere else, such as Daiso. Plus, most of their products are priced at around $3 CAD. It's basically the perfect combination of Home Sense, MUJI and Dollarama. 

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Of course, any store that is dedicated to quality and affordability is a surefire success in Canada. Though Oomomo's goal isn't just to do that but to also "bring trending products in Japan into Canada every month." 

The store got its start in Edmonton back in Summer 2017 but just this past weekend have opened their North York location after plenty of success so far. Fans were even so excited to see the products and experience the store for themselves that they lined up ahead of the store's opening to ensure they got in first. 

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Thankfully for Canadians who aren't able to get to Edmonton or Ontario to check out the spectacle for themselves, Oomomo is planning to expand even more in Canada. They are currently planning to open a store for Vancouver, Burnaby in British Columbia as well as another Edmonton location in North Edmonton and finally a Markham, Ontario storefront. 

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Considering they have over 8000 products at their stores, there is something for everyone and it's definitely a place you should consider stopping by during your Christmas shopping.

To check out the newly opened North York location, you can visit 896 Don Mills Road. To find out more about Oomomo and their upcoming stores you can click here for more information. 

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