Jollibee Will Officially Be Opening In Scarborough First, Then In Mississauga This Spring 2018

The wait is almost over.

New updates have been revealed regarding the highly-anticipated opening of Jollibee, the “McDonalds of the Philippines.” 

According to Retail Insider, the Filipino fast food giant has announced its plans to expand into the Greater Toronto area beginning in the first half of 2018. Both locations have already been hiring new employees, with job postings listed on the official Jollibee website. Dianne Yorro, the brand manager for Jollibee North America, also spoke of plans to open stores in Edmonton down the road.

“We’re going to open our first store in the Greater Toronto Area in the first half of next year [2018] - Scarborough and then Mississauga,” she told Retail Insider. “And then there are plans to open in Edmonton. We’re looking at 2019 to go to Edmonton.”

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The company is also eyeing Vancouver, however this is not yet confirmed. What is, however, is that Canada is one of the brand’s key areas for expansion. 

Filipino-Canadians will get the chance to experience a part of their culture again, with favourites like Chickenjoy, Yumburger and sweet spaghetti confirmed to be included in the Scarborough and Mississauga menus. Despite a series of delays, it looks like the restaurant is finally on track to open on time.

In the meanwhile, check out this list of foods you must try when Jollibee finally opens!

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