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Elections Ontario Has This Weird Rule About Selfies


In case you somehow have not heard today is election day in Ontario and by this time tomorrow the province will have a new Premier.

But if you’re going out to vote today you should be aware that there are actually rules around what you can and cannot do with your ballot while voting.

And one of them involves taking a selfie of yourself voting with your ballot.  

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According to the Elections Act in Canada it is illegal for you to take a selfie of yourself with your completed ballot.

You also can’t take any photos of someone else’s ballot either. So you can’t try to get around the rules by taking a photo of your friend holding their ballot. 

And you are especially not allowed to publish any such photos to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Via electionson

This is all meant to be a way of keeping who you and others vote for 100% anonymous, it’s called a secret ballot for a reason after all.

If you are caught taking a photo of yours or someone else ballot you can actually be reported to the Commissioner of Elections Canada for it. 

The actual rules of the act can be seen below. 

Via Government of Canada

And in case you think this is a joke it isn’t, back in 2005 the Commissioner of Elections Canada forced a Quebec man to admit that he had shown his completed ballot to a TV camera and promise never to do it again.

You’re more than welcome to take selfies outside of polling stations but if you’re inside voting just don’t. 


Source: Global News

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