Banger after banger, slowly but surely, we have all become Beliebers.

And Justin isn't letting the love die down after releasing his album "Purpose" either. Oh no folks, far from it: Bieber has released yet ANOTHER track for us to love him for.

The new track is called "I'll Be There" has been shared by Justin's Vevo account on YouTube and it seems like a deleted track that was meant for Purpose.

With it's sexy R&B edge, as well as lyrics like :"I'll be there for you/Even though I'm gone/Holding you close baby/Close to my heart." we can't help but wish he was singing it directly to us... *SIGH*

Perhaps this song is directed at his new boo Hailey Baldwin? *DOUBLE SIGH**

Photo cred- Instagram 

Check out his new song HERE.

Enjoy everyone! 

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