If you're not already jealous of Justin Bieber's luxury lifestyle, you definitely about to be.

The Canadian pop star is said to be pulling a Madonna and moving to London, England. Cheerio! He is set to become a resident of one of London’s most expensive streets, appropriately known as "billionaires' row", after reportedly agreeing to rent a £25 million party mansion for £108,000 a month.The Baby singer is said to have snapped up a lease on a lavish 15-bedroom home in North London, which was previously owned by Tate & Lyle sugar tycoon Andreas Panayiotou.

The party mansion boasts 15 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and six reception rooms, as well as tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a five-car garage and a home cinema. Not too shabby JB...

The house became the most expensive property on the market in the UK when Panayiotou put it up for sale in 2011 for a whopping £100 million, but it did not sell.

We could go on and on about everything this insane house has to offer, but a photo is worth a thousand words right? :

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