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K-Pop Sensation BTS Is Opening Their First Pop-Up Shop In Toronto Today

The very first Canadian location is now open!

The past year has been revolutionary for K Pop, thanks to bands such as BTS who have taken over the West with their catchy songs and insane dance moves. Clearly, the band is aware of their growing popularity in North America considering their latest tour featured several Canadian stops that were jam-packed with excited fans. 

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It seems the band are looking to expand even further into Canada with their new pop up store that just opened this morning for local BTS fans to enjoy. It's the first Canadian pop up for the band after already hosting similar events in the United States. 

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The pop-up store features BT21, the band's line of merch that was made in collaboration with a Korean brand named Line Friends that creates characters that are then featured on plush pillows and clothing. Last year, the band created their own eight characters featured throughout the line for fans to pick up for themselves. 

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Not only will fans have access to the collaboration collection, but there will also be exclusive merch that is limited edition for the Toronto pop up only. Meaning you won't be able to get it anywhere else. 

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It's expected that the crowds for the pop-up will be large considering that previous pop-ups in both New York and LA were wildly successful and saw thousands of fans lining up in advance to get first pick. With that in mind, while the store is set to be open until December 7th, they are only running until supplies last, so considering the high demand, the earlier you get there the better. 

To check out the store for yourself, you can visit from today up until next week by heading over to the Scarborough Town Centre. 


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