Fans were shocked today to hear that Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar had been traded to the San Francisco Giants. It looks like not only are fans upset about the trade but the former Blue Jays player is as well. Kevin Pillar fought back tears while talking about leaving Toronto Blue Jays during an interview. 

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Kevin Pillar did an interview with reporters today about leaving the Toronto Blue Jays for the San Francisco Giants. Throughout the interview, you can see that his eyes are red and he is visibly getting teary-eyed and fighting back tears while speaking to reporters. 

His voice even breaks during the interview, and it's pretty clear that this move has made him very emotional. "It's all I've ever known," he says. "You spend a lot of time here, you spend more time here than you do at home in the offseason. I spend more time with people here than I do with my own family". He adds, "that part of it is hard." 

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According to Pillar, he and his teammates are still trying to "process" the trade. It's clear that he and the team are pretty close. "I think it will be hard coming back here in a couple of weeks though, seeing them," he said. "I wish these guys nothing but the best". 

Check out the interview below which was posted on Twitter by TSN

Blue Jays fans were also heartbroken over his trade and even more sad to see the former outfielder so emotional over his move. See what they had to say below in response to the emotional interview. 

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Even his teammates have gotten emotional over the trade. Jays baseman Justin Smoak's voice broke during an interview with CBC News. "He was great, man. Good teammate. Superman. Whatever you want," he said. "He's a guy you want on your team. Sorry I'm getting emotional."

Kevin Pillar will be traded for infielder Alen Hanson, as well as pitchers Juan De Paula and Derek Law. Pillar is originally from California, so now he'll be playing for his home state with the trade to the San Francisco Giants. However, it looks Pillar will miss playing with the Toronto Blue Jays as he moves back to his home state.

Kevin Pillar will return with the Giants to play against the Toronto Blue Jays later this month on April 23 to 24. 

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