Earlier this year, the city of Toronto announced that it was considering ways to improve the congestion on King Street. One solution was to transform King St into a pedestrian, transit and cyclist zone only.

And as of this November, eleven months after the announcement, The King Street pilot project will be kicking off with a final design on November 8th which will eliminate access to private vehicles and leave the section on King between Bathurst and Jarvis Street only accessible to streetcars, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Some of the new changes include:

  • No access through the Bathurst Street intersection by private vehicles. Instead, all cars will have to turn either left or right.
  • No access on King Street between Bathurst and Jarvis.
  • No parking on street.
  • Limited access to Taxis between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am.

And although the project is meant to last only a year, according to CBC, many Toronto residents are not happy about the new change stating that it will make Uber and taxi rides a lot more complicated. 

However, the city of Toronto is hopeful that as of next year, pedestrians and public transit riders can look forward to faster travel speeds.

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