Lowe's the home improvement giant announced today that they're closing 31 stores in Canada. Most of the stores getting shut down are Rona locations and nine of them are in Ontario. 

With store closures comes a lot of jobs lost as well. Employees at Ontario's Rona and Lowe's stores will be officially let go by February 2019, when all the closures will be complete. 

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Fortunately, while the general public just found out about the closures today, those employees were given a bit of advanced warning. According to an HR representative at Rona in Ontario, employees were informed about the closures at regular townhalls meetings held over a few days last week. 

While the representative couldn't confirm if this same method was used to announce the closures to employees across Canada, this was the standard process used for the nine stores closing in Ontario. Some provinces have handled the news differently, though.

In Newfoundland, rather than have a big town hall meeting, one store in St. John's opted instead to hold a small in-store staff meeting last night. Employees there have spoken out about it, saying they were completely blindsided by the news. 

They said the meeting was called last minute and they weren't told anything about it before they got there. Upon learning they were all losing their jobs, people were both shocked and saddened. According to employees, some people have been there for 30 years. 

Lowes and Rona have not yet disclosed more information about the exact dates of when stores will be closed or how many employees will be affected. They have said however that the closures will all be done by February 2019 and that more information will be coming out in the next few days. 

In Ontario the locations that are shutting down are: 

  • Rona Mississauga
  • Rona Westdale Mall
  • Rona Sault Ste. Marie
  • Lowe's Sault Ste. Marie
  • Rona Peterborough
  • Rona Kingston
  • Rona Lakefield
  • Rona Sudbury
  • Lowe's North York (Centrepoint)

Source: CBC / Global News

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