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Lyft Is Offering Big Discounts Across Canada On October 17th And Here's The Code

We have all the details about the special promotion in Ontario for October 17th!

If you've been counting down the days until October 17th, then you know we are officially only one week away from cannabis legalization in Canada. Whether or not you plan on sparking up on the 17th, one driving service wants to help you celebrate regardless. 

Lyft is offering Canadians a special discount in honour of marijuana legalization in Canada, according to MobilesyrupThe discount is to help celebrate the first day of legal cannabis and to help ensure that everyone lighting up will be able to afford a safe ride home. 

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Lyft confirmed the discount of $10.17 off any ride with Mobilesyrup on Tuesday. The vice president of Lyft Canada, Aaron Zifkin, stated that "combatting impaired driving is an important and ongoing goal for Lyft."

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The discount comes from Lyft Canada partnering up with the cannabis lifestyle company Tokyo Smoke. The brand is known for their smoking accessories, as well as fashion merchandise. 

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Zifkin said that the companies are thrilled to be honouring legalization by benefitting the stoners who have been fighting for this. "We are excited to work with Tokyo Smoke to mark the legalization of cannabis and provide an affordable and reliable transportation alternative with Lyft, on 10/17 and every day," he told Mobilesyrup.

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Canadians can get the deal by using the promotion code "TOKYOSMOKE1017" to receive the exclusive discount on October 17th. 

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There is no doubt that Canada has been patiently waiting for October 17th to arrive and now we're only a week away! Make sure you travel responsibly next week and take advantage of this great deal! 

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