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Mac & Cheese Fest Is Coming Back To Toronto This Summer And Torontonians Are Pissed

The Mac & Cheese is joining forces with Buskerfest for the summer of 2018.

Toronto is the home to tons of food festivals and unique events that you just cannot find anywhere else in Canada. As the biggest city in Ontario, it's no surprise that niche festivals pop up in parks over the weekends for all to enjoy. 

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Last year news of the Mac and Cheese Festival had Torontonians excited to dive into the gooey goodness of cheesy noodles, but the actual event had mixed reviews. 

@themacandcheesefestivalembedded via  

@themacandcheesefestivalembedded via  

This year the Mac and Cheese Festival decided that they would team up with Toronto's International BuskerFest for Epilepsy, an event that many Torontonians look forward to as it showcases various talents in the city and fundraises money for a good cause. 

It looks like last year left a bad taste in Torontonians mouth because now people are questioning if BuskerFest is worth it. When the news was posted on Reddit, festival goers were quick to explain why their experience at the festival was a total flop. 

Via Reddit

It seems as though the high food prices and lack of event coordination have made the festival seem like a waste of time. One user touched on how everything can be comparable to the classic Canadian macaroni dish, KD, and another talked about the terrible addition of Dorito's. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Another user brought up the fact that BuskerFest is a typical success and that Torontonians actually love that festival. Now that BuskerFest is going into its 19th festival, it seems like the fourth Mac and Cheese Festival is getting in the way. 

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Some users took this opportunity to point out that while some people will flock to eat some cheesy noodles, it will leave more space for others to enjoy the cities parks while unattended. Plus, seeing who attends lets you see who amongst your friend group is drawn to the cash grab of food festivals. 

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It seems like the city is not happy about the overflow of food festivals that have been hitting the Toronto scene in the past few years. But no one can deny that sometimes some good mac and cheese is exactly what you need. 

Source: Reddit

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