February could be a month of many delays and snow days for cities in Ontario, according to weather analyst Brett Anderson for Accuweather.

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He recently came out with a list of 2017 weather predictions for Canada based on a compilation of current weather data and trends. According to his findings, eastern and Atlantic Canada are expected to have a stormy winter, especially this January and February. Extrapolated weather patterns indicate a higher probability of significant snowfall events from eastern Ontario through Quebec and into Atlantic Canada, with February being the snowiest month in the coastal regions. More lake-effect snow showers are also predicted for these areas.

It's not all bad news, though - aside from the snow, temperatures in eastern and Atlantic Canada are expected to be near or above normal, as the coldest air will be localized more to the Prairies for the core of winter. This is a stark contrast to the prediction made by the highly skepticized Farmers' Almanac, which predicted mid-February to bring temperatures as low as -40 degrees C to the eastern regions.

Photo cred - Accuweather

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