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Justin Trudeau has been fairly clear on his stance about marijuana for a while now. He's a fan, he probably smokes it, and he wants to legalize it. It looks like he may be closer to achieving that goal than ever before, as recent the Globe and Mail reports that he and the Conservative party are now neck-and-neck in nationwide polls.

Although the Liberal party are not talking specific policies yet, they've stated that they plan to use an "evidence-based approach" when it comes to issues like marijuana legalization, and Harper's recent, highly controversial prostitution legislation. Trudeau has hinted that he plans on repealing it, and has officially stated that if elected, he would get rid of our arcane marijuana laws once and for all.

Campaigning for the federal elections begins in September, and voting will happen in October. While this may not necessarily mean that weed will be legal by the end of the year, it looks like it's more likely that its ever been. So don't forget to rock the vote if you want public joint-smoking to be a part of your near future!


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