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Millennials Are Being Called The 'Wild Cards' In The Ontario Elections And Here's Why

Young people can make all the difference.

Unless you are currently living under a rock, you know that the provincial elections are coming up in Ontario on June 7. The race between Conservative Doug Ford, the Liberal leader and current Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, and NDP's Andrea Horwath is one that's been unfolding in the public eye for the past few months and it's been one crazy ride. 

Now that all the debates are finished and we're a week away from election day, candidates are looking for ways to ensure that they win. Though the polls are pointing to a tight race between the NDP and Conservative's, the group that's likely to sway the elections are actually millennials. 

According to The Toronto Star, millennials are actually the "wildcard" voter in this election. Due to the Liberals trailing behind the NDP and Conservatives, millennials have the potential to be the deciding factor between the two leading parties. 

Since the Conservatives bank on rural areas and older men to vote for them they have a solid foundation to start them off on during this election. The NDP is often considered the underdog but David Coletto, the CEO of Abacus Data believes that if there is consistency with young voters, there may just be an orange wave across the province. 

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This wouldn't be the first time young voters make a large difference either. During the 2015 Federal election, the younger demographic of voters made all the difference when electing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Because of Trudeau's ability to connect with young people he pulled his party from secondary opposition to a majority government. 

If the NDP plays their cards right they may be able to pull off the same feat. Coletto says that "if millennials wake up and get out to vote collectively for one party that could be a game changer for the New Democrat", especially in ridings that are too close to call.  

Don't forget to vote in the provincial election on June 7! Check out if you're registered here


Source: The Toronto Star

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