It's official - the Mississauga council has voted to prohibit UberX and all other forms of ride-sharing in the area.

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Essentially, unconventional 'taxi' services are no longer allowed to pick up passengers in Mississauga, as per new rules that are now being enforced.

Uber has fought long and hard to keep those very rules from being made official. The only way Uber can operate in Mississauga is if they agree to follow the same regulations as traditional taxi companies do. However, it was their divergence from those very regulations that made them stand out against their taxi rivals in the first place, so it's unlikely that the company will actually consider to do that.

Although ride-sharing is effectively suspended in Mississauga, Mayor Bonnie Crombie is open to testing ride-sharing projects, which means there's a chance Uber may be welcomed into the city again in the future under revised rules.

Toronto has taken the opposite approach, allowing all ride-share companies to operate under different regulations than taxi companies. The benefit of ride-sharing is that it may help to reduce the incidence of drunk driving in the city.

Where do you stand?

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