With the cost of housing and land in Toronto and surrounding areas, it's hard to believe that right in the middle of Mississauga sits 200 acres of unused land.

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Just north of the ever-evolving Mississauga skyline, sits a massive amount of land that was once a gift to the local education system from King William IV of England in 1833. Though many developers, gold course planners and even former mayor Hazel McCallion had tried to acquire the land, they have no been able to, thus the land remained unused...until now.

The Peel District School Board and the city are about start a massive project that will prove to be very interesting to Mississauga residences: Mississauga’s very own Central Park!

The more correct terminology for this project might actually be 'urban farm', due to the fact that the project will feature 168 acres for agricultural and environmental programming, an educational urban farm, trails, wetlands, forest areas, a sugar bush where maple syrup will be made, and observation centres overlooking acres of conservation land. The last 32 acres in the south-east corner will be used for a variety of development projects, including community open space for festivals and possibly housing structures such as townhouses and high rises.

This large amount of green space will be the perfect way to continue to transform and develop Mississauga, the 6th largest city in Canada!

Source: The Star 

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