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Netflix has done the unforgivable. The streaming website has tampered with the untouchable and we're not happy about it.

When Netflix first announced in November that it would be giving us the greatest gift of 2015 on the very first day of the new year, the gift of endless streaming of everyone and their mother's favourite television show, Friends, we could not even put into words our excitement, except for maybe "It's about effing time." We waited in anticipation and then finally on January 1, 2015 BAM! All glorious 236 episodes appeared on our Netflix homepage - could we be any more lucky?

The answer is Yes, Yes we could. Die hard fans were quick to notice that the length of each episode on Netflix averaged between 21 and 22 minutes, while episodes on DVD sets averaged 23 to 24 minutes and that some of their favourite one-liners had been cut. So what the eff gives?

Reddit users pointed out some of the missing lines they had noticed and came to the conclusion that Netflix is streaming syndicated versions of each episode, the ones edited down to play 5 days a week on networks pumping them with commercials. Our question is why the heck can't we have the untouched episodes since Netflix has no commercials?

In 2012, something similar happened when the series was released on BluRay with a ton of bonus material but without full episodes à la DVD version. Co-Executive producer/director Kevin S. Bright responded to fans outrage by saying “The deleted footage was, frankly, added specifically for one home video release, If fans are particularly interested in additional footage, those versions are still available. But for this, we wanted something that we, the creators, felt represented the show as we always wanted it to be remembered, which is the original NBC broadcast versions, which have never before been released as that, combined with fantastic new picture and sound, a new documentary and other new features.”

Whatever Kevin, we ain't buying what you selling, don't mess with perfection.

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