You may have heard about the women's only ride sharing app that launched in Toronto last month. The service is called DriveHer, and was designed to make women feel more safe both as drivers and passengers, according to the founder Aisha Addo. The app was downloaded more than 1,000 times, and women all over the city were looking forward to using it. 

Unfortunately, Addo announced yesterday that the service has been suspended indefinitely due to a "data security incident," which exposed names, contact information and drivers licenses of their users. 

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It seems that, while Addo's app has the best intentions, this data security issue could have the exact opposite effect in protecting women from harm. One woman who signed up as a driver on the app says, “I don’t want to share my information with anyone . . . it’s not good, it’s not safe.”

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It's been reported that DriveHer's data storage function "has serious flaws," but it's clear that Addo is doing everything she can to contain and resolve the issue. She says, “All public access to our platform has currently been blocked and affected users have been notified of the potential threat.”

As of right now, DriveHer is working with a security firm to test and improve security on the app. 

Source: The Star

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