If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Toronto's got a pretty good reason to be flattered right now.

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In a recent post by the New York Times, Toronto's subway car design was described as the best example for New York to follow in its upcoming subway renovations. Around five years ago, Toronto made significant updates to its main subway trains that entailed the implementation of accordion-style passageways between cars. This design greatly optimises the available space on the trains, and allows passengers to move freely between cars.

Toronto engineers were likely not the first people to come up with the space-saving design, but Toronto was mentioned in the Times article because it faces very similar difficulties as New York City when it comes to subway transit.

The underground transportation system in New York City currently faces considerable crowding issues. The city is planning to develop new subway trains by 2020 to address this issue, and has definitely looked to Toronto's subway car designs for inspiration. Its new subway trains will no longer have separating doors between cars, and this intra-system, open-ended layout will create up to 10% more space. They will also have 58 inch-wide doorways, compared to those in Toronto, which are 64 inches wide.

With a commuter population of up to 1.7 million people every day, Toronto's subway system is still far from perfect; but the little adjustments that were made to it have definitely helped a great deal. New York City, which has almost three times the amount of daily subway riders compared to Toronto, is hoping that making similar adjustments to its own subway system will also yield some benefits, even if just in the smallest way.

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