With December passing with little to no cold weather in comparison to past holiday seasons, many Torontonians were under the impression that we may just be experiencing a rare easy Winter. Though, it didn't take long after Christmas for the bone-chilling cold to catch up on lost time considering temperatures have been diving ever since and have been joined along with the occasional snowfall. 

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Unfortunately, if you thought the last few days were bad, temperatures are set to get even more intolerable meaning your denial period of Winter being back in full force is officially over. 

According to the city's medical officer, there has been an extreme cold weather alert issued today in preparation for temperatures that are expected to feel as chilly as -19 when you factor in the wind chill. During the day, the high will only reach -4 before taking a nosedive toward -15 C throughout the night. 

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If you were hoping Sunday would be a little bit better, it's, unfortunately, looking even worse with the daytime high hitting only -7. Factoring in wind chill it's set to feel like -21 on Sunday morning and -12 once the afternoon hits. 

Clearly, this weekend is the perfect excuse to spend the next few days indoors wrapped up in a duvet while you binge watch hilariously trashy content on Netflix. Of course, if you are going outside make sure to really bundle up considering with windchill the cold outside is no joke. 

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As always with extreme cold weather alerts, there is a 24-hour warming centre available for those who are unable to seek shelter that is located at Metro Hall. The location is set to open by 7 pm at the latest and will remain open up until 12 pm on the following day. During the alert, local outreach staff are also making rounds throughout the city and if you are struggling for transit, TTC tokens are often available at some of the drop-in areas. 

Source: CP24

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