If you watched the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang and more specially the ice dance competition - you 100% fell just as madly in love with Tessa and Scott as the rest of the world did. You also probably spent just as much of the Winter Games wonder when the couple would finally let us know that they were dating and on the way to making Olympic gold winning babies (okay maybe that was just me!) 

However after their appearance on Ellen it's safe to say the news won't be coming anytime soon! Don't despair though, because for those living in Toronto you still have the chance to spot the dynamic skating duo and catch them both on and off the ice. 

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The couple is actually making their way to Toronto this week as they travel with the Stars On Ice Tour and the rest of your favourite Canadian Olympics skaters from this year's Winter Games. 

They'll be performing at the Air Canada Centre on May 4th (sadly tickets to see them are already all sold out) or you can catch them at the FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton on May 5th - where there are still tickets available for the show. 

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While the pair won't be in the city for very long, (they're heading to London, ON on May 6th and Winnipeg on May 9th) we definitely will be keeping an eye out hoping to spot them together or apart while they hangout in their home province. 

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Regardless, we hope they have a great time being back at home, we can say that we've definitely missed them. 

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