One American Redditor Is Asking To Attend A Real Canada Day BBQ And Responses Back Have Been The Most Canadian Thing Ever - Narcity

One American Redditor Is Asking To Attend A Real Canada Day BBQ And Responses Back Have Been The Most Canadian Thing Ever

Fire up the grill.

While America and Canada loom in a trade war, there have been hilarious reactions on both sides of the border. Trump and Trudeau seem to be going at it but that behaviour definitely does not directly define each nation. 

Instead, one American is actually planning a trip to their Northern neighbour and is joining us on the 151st celebration of Canada Day. The visitor is travelling from America's capital, Washington D.C., to spend the Fourth of July weekend in Canada and of course, they're looking for a BBQ to celebrate. 

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The user took to Reddit to ask for an invitation dubbing themselves a "well-behaved and respectful American". They also said that as a liberal American, they somewhat idealize Canada and want to meet some true Canadians. 

What's even more hilarious is the list that the user included. They swore that they will bring a lot of beer, ask for an explanation on Doug Ford (unless we don't want to talk about it), and even be charming and funny. Even better, they mentioned things that they won't do which includes defending Donald Trump, overstaying their welcome, and hitting on anyone's girlfriend. 

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Since Canada is polite as hell, many Canadians started extending warm offers for the American to join in. There were rooftop patio parties and a camping trip offered, as well as some travelling suggestions such as Toronto's nude beach and visiting Niagra Falls. 

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The original user even confirmed to another commenter that even though they will be missing Independence Day fireworks, this trip is 100% Canadian. Complete with a show with Gordon Lightfoot, it's definitely not an American party.

The idea even inspired another tourist from Australia to see what they could do to participate. They even assured those hosting that they would bring a Canadian snack. 

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Here's hoping our neighbour from down south has a good Canada day and who knows, maybe they'll bump into you at your BBQ! 

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