The World Cup kicked off in Russia today and that means fans around the world, and especially in Canada, are celebrating. 

Now for a lot of people sports games and alcohol go hand in hand. That's why for the World Cup, bars in Ontario are going to be opening a lot earlier. 

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The province's alcohol regulators have made an exception that bars can begin serving alcohol at 9 AM instead of having to wait until 11 AM like they do now. 

The earlier start is in consideration of the massive time change between Canada and Russia. Moscow is seven hours ahead of Ontario, meaning some of the games are going to be starting at 6 AM or 8 AM our time. 

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According to the province, none of the towns or cities in Ontario objected to the change, so the new service time was approved. However bars are able to choose whether or not to begin serving at 9 AM, and they aren't obligated to open any earlier if they don't want to. 

The change is exciting for Ontarians, whether they like soccer or not. However, it is temporary. The 9 AM time has only been approved for the duration of the World Cup, which runs from June 14th to July 15th. That said, it's still an entire month that Ontarians can start day drinking earlier! 

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While the change isn't mandatory, it is quite likely that bars in major cities such as Ottawa or Toronto will chose to partake in earlier service to cater to World Cup fans looking for somewhere to catch a match. 


Source: Ottawa Citizen

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