Ever feel like your drive home from work is an utter "snooze-fest"?  For a man who fell asleep behind the wheel of a pickup truck at an intersection in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, it actually was. A video released by York Regional P chaolice depicted a suspected impaired driver passed out behind the wheel at Green Lane, west of Leslie Street, on February 11th.

The pickup truck was waiting to make a left turn from Green Lane into a transit station.  Police had received calls by concerned drivers and pedestrians passing by just after 5:00 PM that day. They immediately launched an investigation. 

The dash cam footage that was released by police shows an officer approaching the vehicle, opening the driver-side door, and reaching inside to turn off the truck's engine - all without rousing the man inside the vehicle.  “The driver is passed out,” the officer tells dispatch. “I can’t wake him up and the vehicle is in drive."

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The video then shows the officer attempting to wake the sleeping driver.  The officer can be heard asking the man, “Sir, are you alright?” He then explains to the driver, “You’re sleeping. You’re passed out.”  The officer then notifies the confused man that he is being placed under arrest for impaired driving.

Police revealed that the man wreaked of alcohol, and later blew more than two-and-a-half times over the legal limit, according to a press release.  Over the last week, there have been 29 arrests for impaired driving.  Year to date, over 200 people have been charged with impaired driving in York Region alone.

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“We are reminding drivers that York Regional Police conducts RIDE spot checks year-round and that our officers are always watching for suspected impaired drivers,” police said in the release. “We also continue to encourage citizens to call 9-1-1 if you spot a suspected impaired driver.”

“York Regional Police thank members of the community for helping us stop and arrest impaired drivers by calling 911. We consider these incidents a life-threatening crime in progress and will continue to respond to these calls,” police said in a news release issued Tuesday morning.

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