For what it's worth, the fact that we've made it to almost the end of October without seeing a significant snowfall in Ontario is pretty impressive. That luck, however, runs out tonight. 

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Ontario can officially say goodbye to temperatures above 10° C and instead say hello to freezing cold weather and chances of messy snow storms for the next few weeks.

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First comes the cold weather. Temperatures are going to drop tonight and they aren't going to rise again any time soon. In fact, the Weather Network is even saying that below-seasonal temperatures are going to last all throughout October and into November, meaning Halloween this year is going to be chilly. 

Then comes the snow. Thanks to the cold weather, snow off of Lake Huron is super likely. Tonight and tomorrow the snow will begin moving across Ontario, affecting primarily the northern areas first. That doesn't mean Southern Ontario is spared, though. 

According to the Weather Network, Ottawa can expect to see snow this coming weekend: 

Via Weather Network, Ottawa

Parts of Southern Ontario and up through Ottawa are in for a messy storm this weekend. The cause of the storm is a mix of a cold front from Alberta and what's left of Hurricane Willa. If Willa stays on the track its currently on, the storm will bring not only significant rain to the area, but could also bring the first real snowfall of the year. 

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The snow is expected for this weekend and will affect Northern Ontario, parts of the GTA and especially Eastern Ontario and Ottawa. The Weather Network says it's hard to forecast just how much snow will come, but that it will be significant. 

In Toronto specifically over the next week, the warmest it's going to feel like is only 6° C, and that's this upcoming Friday. Tomorrow in the city, temperatures are going to be near freezing, with it feeling like only 2° C. 

Source: Weather Network

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