Ontario has been experiencing a relatively wet spring so far, with multiple regions in the province receiving substantial amounts of rain these past few weeks.

The prominence of such wet conditions means that there will be a lot more mosquitoes present, and residents are being advised to take the precautions necessary to protect themselves against the bloodsucking insects.

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While mosquitoes are notorious for being top transmitters of viruses such as West Nile and Zika, health analysts say the mosquitoes we will be seeing in Ontario this year aren’t ones we really need to worry too much about.

“With the wet spring, we will probably have more mosquitoes, but they’re the non-vector ones. The ones that can’t transmit the West Nile Virus,” said Jeremy Hogeveen of the Middlesex London Health Unit to The London Free Press.

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Southwestern Ontario in particular is highly prone to a mosquito boom. February brought record-breaking flooding conditions to the area. The warm temperatures that followed this year’s extended winter also caused a greater amount of snow pack in the north to melt, which caused overflow in many rivers and banks. These events have set up the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.

“We always recommend personal protection, especially this time of year,” said Hogeveen. He suggests bug spray, wearing light colours and avoiding areas with standing water as the best ways to prevent attracting mosquitos.

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