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Ontario Just Banned Scalper Robots, Making It Easier To Get Concert Tickets

And there's a new cap on how much resale tickets can cost.

Getting tickets to your favourite concert in Ontario may have gotten a little easier (and a little less expensive). The provincial government has just banned "scalper bots" in a new legislation passed today at Queen's Park. 

The new bill has effectively outlawed automated computer software that purchases tickets as soon as they go on sale, also known as "ticket bots." These "robots" are often considered to be the culprits behind tickets being sold out on sites like TicketMaster immediately after a concert event goes on sale. 

Liberal MPPs voted in favour of the bill in an effort to democratize the ticket purchasing market. This new bill now allows ticket operators to sue bot companies for practicing this now illegal act, although critics have suggested that these offshore ticket bot operators are often elusive and difficult to track down. 

And as an added measure to help concert goers get tickets without paying double or triple the price, the new bill passed late Wednesday morning also puts a cap on allowable resale prices. As of today, resale ticket prices can no longer be sold for more than 50 per cent above the original price. Furthermore, all online ticket sellers will now have to reveal all surcharges up front, as well as disclose the number of tickets being sold and the size of the venue. 

Resale websites like StubHub are definitely going to feel the burn of this new bill. The company has stated that it approves of the legislation but it does not agree with limiting resale prices. But we're sure Ontario concert and sport fans will be more than happy about this news. 

Source: The Star 

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