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Ontario Liberals Are Offering Free Childcare And Here's What You Need To Know

The election is fast approaching.

If you, or if someone you know has kids, you know that finding an affordable service to look after young ones while the adults are away at work is EXPENSIVE.  

Daycare centres can charge outrageous amounts of money because what other option do parents have? Leaving small children alone at home is not a option both legally and on a common sense level. 

The Ontario Liberal party is seeking to change that with their newest election promise.   

Earlier today premier Kathleen Wynne, finance minister Charles Sousa and education minister Indira Naidoo-Harris announced a $2.2-billion dollar plan that would give all children in the province aged 2-and-a-half free childcare until they are old enough to start kindergarten.    

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The plan would come into effect by the year 2020.

Some people in the province were understandably very happy with the idea. 

While others seem to see this as a desperate move by the premier in the run up to the election later this year.  

Wynne said that the plan would save the average family $17,000 a year.  

Is the promise enough to tip the balance in favour of the liberals at the polls? We'll have to wait until election day on June 7 to find out.  

Sources: CBC, CP24

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