After a weekend heavy with impaired driving charges, one Ontario police force is introducing a new technique to try to make impaired driving more socially unacceptable. 

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York Regional Police announced today that they are going to begin publicly shaming impaired drivers. The move comes after 27 impaired driving charges were laid in the GTA's York Region this past weekend. 

Chief Eric Jollie, who made the announcement said: "It's clear that something has to change." In 2018 so far, York Regional Police have laid over 1400 charges related to impaired driving in what they call a distressing trend. 

Now they are taking extreme measures to try to limit the number of offenders. Effective immediately, York Regional Police are going to be posting the names of everyone charged with impaired driving online, even those who haven't been convicted. 

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Every Monday, they will be uploading a media release on their website with a list of everyone charged with impaired driving in their past week. They already began today by posting the entire list of everyone in York Region charged with impaired driving this past weekend. 

In the announcement, Chief Jollie said this was "to further make impaired driving socially unacceptable and so that members of our community can assist with notifying police if these offenders choose to drive while under suspension."

The list includes the names and ages of impaired drivers so they can be easily identified as well as the towns they live in. York Regional police also included all charges the drivers are now facing on their list. 

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The first public shaming list, which was posted today includes not only drivers who were charged with having a blood alcohol content over 80 mg, but also one person who refused to give a breath sample. 

Source: York Region Police

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