Police in Ontario are now pleading for residents to resist dialling 911 to report raccoon sightings after a sudden uptick in 911 calls in Norfolk County prevented police from responding to more pressing matters. Officers have reported that the people calling in about the animals are worried that they may be infected with “distemper”, a neurological disease that can cause the critters to behave strangely.

Police stated that a Norfolk County resident had recently called the emergency line to report a raccoon on its porch in the daytime. The resident was reportedly concerned the animal was infected with the disease and thought it necessary to call in. However, it is not unusual for raccoons to be awake during the day and even if it had distemper, police are not trained to deal with such matters.  

According to Animal Control outbreaks of distemper usually, rise in raccoon populations during January and February. Animals suffering from distemper, which affects both dogs and cats as well as raccoons, tend to be overly aggressive and will sometimes wander aimlessly, almost appearing drunk. Concerned pet owners should make sure that their dogs or cats are properly vaccinated to avoid infection.

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This isn't the first time that residents of Norfolk have made headlines over their bizarre 911 calls as Country BX93, a London, Ontario radio station, was quick to point out. Residents have called the police to assist with everything from cleaning their room to testing their new phone.

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Police in another part of Ontario was levelled by 911 calls after they sent out an Amber Alert last week. Peel Regional Police had issued the alert around 11:00 PM last Thursday after launching an investigation into the abduction of an 11-year Brampton girl who had been taken by her father. However, the late-night alerts were immediately met with a flood of 911 calls made by residents who complained to emergency services that the alarm had disturbed their sleep.

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Police later arrested the father near Orillia, thanks to the description given in the initial alert and responded to the complaints by stating that the alarms were a necessary inconvenience and were directly responsible for apprehending the suspect.

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