Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt gave drivers an important reminder that they won't soon forget. Yesterday, Sgt. Schmidt was about to give his washer fluid a top-up when he discovered that a furry creature had taken shelter under the hood of his OPP cruiser.

"Look what we found today," Sgt. Schmidt wrote on Twitter yesterday, "Before you head out in the morning check your oil, washer fluid and ensure no other surprises are hiding under your hood."

Schmidt revealed later that the adorable discovery was made at the OPP office in Whitby, Ontario. Schmidt posted the photo at 4:20 PM on Monday the 11th. It has since been shared by regional police forces all over the province, and by officers and civilians alike.

Ontarians have started commented on Sgt. Schmidt's photo. Some reveal that the sighting was not uncommon, especially in parts of the province that see particularly brutal cold in the winter. "Being raised in northern ontario where it wasnt un common to see minus 50 windchills cats would curl up in the egine at night," one person writes. "I was always taught to hit the hood of my car or honk your horn before starting it."

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Multiple people have commented under the photo saying that these types of incidents are what led to them ultimately adopting the animal:

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Here's to hoping that the OPP adopts the furry little guy and recruits it to the police service!


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