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Ontario Police Used A Special Speed Trap To Arrest 6 Luxury Car Drivers In Niagara

The speed trap targeted a luxury car event in Niagara.

A luxury car rental company, Ultimate Exotics hosted a driving excursion in Niagara where people could take some fancy vehicles out for a ride, but to their surprise, police were waiting for them. 

In a specifically planned speed-trap on Wednesday, Niagara Regional Police caught six drivers on the excursion speeding, some going double the limit which was 70km/hour. The fastest cars were going 148km/hour. 

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According to police, the speed-trap was planned to specifically target the luxury car excursion, which featured some of the world's most powerful and fastest cars. 

This wasn't the first year the excursion has happened, after complaints from Niagara residents in previous years, police were ready and waiting this time. 

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Six drivers were charged by police and four of them had their licenses suspended and cars towed on the spot. The charges include multiple counts of stunt driving, speeding, and careless driving. 

The cars involved in the incident were a Porsche Cayenne, a Lamborghini, a McLaren, a Corvette, a Mercedes AMG GT R, and a Nissan GT-R. The drivers were from all across the GTA, with one from Quebec as well and their ages ranged from 25 to 58 years old. 

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Niagara Regional Police hope that these charges have sent a message to Ultimate Exotics about their luxury excursion trips and that they'll have to operate more safely in the future. 

Source: CBC 

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