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Ontario Will Spend $93 Million To Make Cycling Easier And Safer In The Province

More bike lanes = safer cycling 🚴

The Ontario government clearly has some very deep pockets as of late because they have just announced a major new initiative to improve cycling in Ontario cities across the province. 

In an announcement made early Tuesday morning, Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca said Ontario plans to double its investment in local cycling across 120 communities in Ontario. 

With the budget increase from the initial $45 million to the current $93 million, the provincial  government plans to radically improve the existing cycling infrastructure in Ontario cities in an effort to improve safety for bikers as well as combat climate change and carbon emissions by encouraging more people to ride their bikes. 

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Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan was one of the driving forces behind improving cycling infrastructure throughout Ontario. By investing nearly $40 million more toward biking initiatives, the province might have just taken one huge step forward in reaching its goal of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the next four years. 

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Toronto will receive $26.5 million of the $93-million-investment which will be used to expand the city's existing Bike Share system. Once this initiative takes effect, 300 new Bike Share locations will begin popping up around the city with 3,000 bikes for Torontonians. The funding will also be used to improve and expand the city's bike lanes. 

Source: Government of Ontario, The Globe and Mail  

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