Police have confirmed two people are dead after a massive tanker caught fire on the 407 highway on Halloween evening. Just before 5:00 PM multiple vehicles were involved in a collision that led to a giant fire on the Ontario highway. 

OPP Sargeant Kerry Schmidt confirmed in a periscope video that the collision occurred when a westbound vehicle entered the eastbound lane. The tanker involved became engulfed in flames and had billows of smoke that could be seen from afar. 

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The accident occurred on the highway between Dufferin and Bathurst Streets in Vaughan, just north of Toronto. Sargeant Schmidt confirmed that the fire is "massive" and Vaughan Fire Department was on site fighting the flames. Police teams are still waiting to get close up to the scene.

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OPP expects the investigation will take some time, as they have to fight the fire, clean up the highway, as well as find all the information available at the scene of this terrible accident. 

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It is safe to say that this a terrible tragedy to happen on a fun celebratory day like Halloween. 

Source: City News Toronto

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