Two people have died at a resort in Blue Mountain, Ontario today. A mother and a daughter were found without vital signs in the pool at around 7:00 P.M.

A spokesperson confirmed with Global Toronto that the OPP had been called in the evening to Mountain Springs Resort, located northwest of Collingwood. The police have said they have not identified the mother and her child, but they were pronounced dead after being transported to local hospital. 

The Ontario Provincial Police have confirmed with that an investigation is underway. At this time the circumstances that lead to the drownings are not known. 

Mountain Springs is a four-star resort and conference centre with their website reading, "it is the perfect location for a Blue Mountain vacation and get-away." They list having a heated pool and hot tub as part of the resort's amenities. 

Currently, the OPP has the pool sealed off and are continuing to investigate what led to this terrible tragedy. 

Source: Global

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